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Steve Grives: Making Connections

David von Kampen and I were guests on Steve Grives' pod to talk about Christmas songs. https://anchor.fm/steve-grives/episodes/Talking-About-Christmas-Music--with-David-von-Kampen-and-Kurt-Knecht-emkhir

Is all music supposed to be in the academy?

A friend passed along the recent New York Times article from Sept. 6, 2020 by Giovanni Russonello entitled, "Is Jazz Capable of Meeting This Moment?" In the article, they talk to historian Robin D.G. Kelley about teaching jazz in the University. He says, "They were...

Response to article

My friend Garrett sent me an article 17 months ago. I wrote a response and forgot about it. He just sent it to me in case I wanted to post it. I'm posting it. My friend Garrett recently sent me an article to get my thoughts. The article is arguing for a new level of...

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