Every year, I wind up doing a little parlor trick for students toward the end of the Fall semester. I have them pick a carol and a composer, and I try to play the carol in the style of the composer. A student once told me that it was more fun than watching television.

This year, I decided to post a short example that was a request from years past (Frosty the Snowman in the style of Stravinsky). After I posted, I fulfilled requests as I had time. I want to collect them all in one place each day. Here are the results of day 1.

(I accidentally deleted the first version of this from my phone, so I had to make a new one.)

Frosty the Snowman in the style of Stravinsky

My son Zach, also a wonderful musician, asked for Silver Bells in the style of Saint-Saƫns

Nate Porath requested the Dreydel song in the style of Bach

Finally, Liz Stauffer requested the Carol of the Bells in the style of Vivaldi

Keep the requests coming, and I’ll get to them as I have time.