I only had time for two yesterday, but they are pretty fun.

The first is “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” in the style of a Handel aria. This clever suggestion came from Grant Anderson.

A very challenging suggestion from Brittany Downey was to play Santa Baby in the style of Schoenberg. That’s tough on a number of levels. One is that Schoenberg wrote in a number of different styles. You have the early and late tonal music. You have the 15 or so years of 12 tone. Since I played Pierrot this Fall, I went with the pre-12 tone Pierrot type language. I utitlized Vienese tri-chords and octave displacement for the opening statement of the melody. Then I played a Pierrot style ostinato and added in some other stuff from Pierrot while still keeping the melody going.