I had some time today between students to fulfill a few more of the requests.

Today’s first mashup comes from a wonderful suggestion by one of my composition students. Caitlin Gilmore suggested “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” in the style of Bela Bartok. I used the flattened 2nd sometimes and ended with the flattened 7th to make it sound more Hungarian.

The next one was a little trickier. Andy Schneider wanted “O Holy Night” in the style of Charles Ives. In particular, “”General William Booth enters into heaven.” The nice thing about this one is, once you lift Ives’ chords, you just have to play any melody over top and it works.

Perhaps one of the more fiendish suggestions yet was made by composer David von Kampen. He started off with the terrible Paul McCartney song, “Wonderful Christmastime.” To make matters worse, he wanted it in the style of 16th century Spanish composer Tomas Luis Victoria. In the 30 second clips I’m making, I could only fit in the one hook “simply having a wonderful Christmastime”. I fudged the rules at the end to keep McCartney’s mixolydian ending.

Today’s final video was a fun suggestion by my friends Amber and Ben Pankonin. They wanted a “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in the style of Carl Orff.

Keep the suggestions coming. I’ll make them as I have time. I may take the weekend off though.