The latest set of requests for Christmas Carol mashups brought some fun options. It seems that the favorite from this round is a request by one of our compositions students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Cambria Butcher requested “Baby it’s cold outside” in the style of Chopin. I thought that a Nocturne texture would work best for this one.

Jackie Josten requested a Satie “Joy to the World”. That one was pretty easy. I could even use the original key of the hymn and the Gymnopodie No. 1.

Timothy Madden wanted Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” in the style of Benjamin Britten. I stole the texture and the style of harmonization from “There is No Rose” from the Ceremony of Carols.

Finally, a fun request from Samantha Peters. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” in the style of Arvo Pärt. A little tintinnabulation in minor, then the melody in minor over a drone, then do it all in major.