Yesterday, I managed three more. I had a request from my sister for “Santa Baby” in the style of Haydn. I decided to play it on the organ because it was more convenient. I really like how this one turned out.

Kendall Reimer suggested “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” in the style of Brahms. Unfortunately, the recording quality and piano doesn’t let you hear some of the hemiolas I was playing to make it sound more Brahmsian. Still, it’s kind of fun.

Finally, I flubbed some notes, but that’s the nature of doing quick improvisations, so I’m putting some of these up with their flaws. Rebecca OrdoƱez-Rodriguez suggested “Pat-a-pan” in the style of Albeniz.

The requests are getting more voluminous and more complicated. Thanks for everyone who is watching. I’ve done these things for years to entertain students. I had no idea that they would be so popular.