Today started with a nice request from Nathaniel Sullivan. “O come, O come, Emmanuel” in the style of Cole Porter. This one came out particularly nicely, I think.

Next, Brett Epperson requested “O Holy Night” played as a Scott Joplin rag.

Colleen Baade asked for a Huron Carol played a la Piazzolla. Now, my Argentinian friends say that Americans can’t really play properly in this style. After listening to a recording of myself, I have to agree. It is a fun project though, and I think I came pretty close on the harmonic language if not the rhythm.

Finally, just for a bit of fun, Trent Buglewicz asked for “The Little Drummer Boy” in the style of a third grade piano student. I suggested instead that I do it in the style of a sophomore music theory piano audit. For those of us that have sat through hours of these, I think this is pretty accurate. I did forget to do the part where I say, “I swear I played it perfectly last night.” and “Can I start again?”