You know that thing where Chopin says to Liszt, “I would like to borrow your way of playing my Etudes.”? I had the chance to go an hear Chris Marks play three of my Etudes the other day (from memory!). I promised I would put up my performance of the same pieces.

My performance is a little questionable. The pieces were very freshly written for a concert in Tampa. They were performed on the beautiful Cassavant at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church where my friend David Matthews is the organist.

The first movement is a pedal etude. The second is one that requires the organist to play on all three manuals at the same time. The third is just supposed to be like Jongen on crack. It got away from me a little in the premiere as you will hear.

The point is, if you want to hear them played properly, you should come hear Christopher Marks tear them up on February 28th in Kimball Recital Hall at UNL.