One of my favorite things about the new MusicSpoke project (follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram) is that I get to spend time over the next few weeks talking with composers. I’m trying to learn some of the common problems we all face as composers. I’m also wondering if there is a way that we can make things better for everyone.

Today I had the chance to chat with Paul Carey. You should visit Paul’s website here, but you should also take a trip to his blog at It’s a lot of fun. I would recommend starting on this page because the arrest warrant for the outbreak of contrapuntal music at Dallas ACDA is hilarious.

Paul is a wonderful composer with a large catalogue that is worth exploring. You should go and commission him to write something for you. I respect Paul a lot, not only for his beautiful compositions, but also for his thoughtful ideas and commitment to promoting composers.  We need more like him. Here is a piece of his that I like with some beautiful harp writing.