As part of the new MusicSpoke project (follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram), I have been talking to may gifted composers. One of the composers that has long been on my list is Garrett Shatzer. Check out his website here.

I have followed Garrett on Twitter for a couple of years, and I found him to be opinionated and honest. He will occasionally cause a stir by tweeting something about a composer in the canon (that we are all supposed to like). I think I remember one where he said something like, “Mozart’s music is boring.” Whether I agree or not, I find it extremely refreshing, and it is coming from someone who is honestly engaging in musical thought.

Our Skype session was fun and engaging just like I expected. I am also really pleased to report that Garrett is one of the kinds of composers that is committed to producing finely crafted works instead of cranking out a pile of “successful” compositions. We need more of that in our world.

Garrett’s music is worthy of exploration and some repeated listening. Here is a beautiful place to start. I’m always a little envious of composers that write really well for guitar, and I play a little. Still, I’m intimidated at the idea of writing for the instrument. Garrett handles the guitar and the voice and the text and everything brilliantly. He is worth your time.