As part of the MusicSpoke project, I’ve been continuing to trek down untrodden paths to find composers. One of the things that continues to astound me is how many people who are writing such wonderful music have never come to my attention before.

Kile is the perfect example. (Check out his website here.) He’s done a million billion commissions, been reviewed all over the place, and just landed a sweet gig as composer in residence for the Helena Symphony. We had a chance to chat on the phone, and I instantly felt a lot of comeraderie.

What I suggest is going to his webpage and finding the sample player on the bottom right side of the page. You can hear samples of all the stuff. From the beginning, you will notice the wonderful lyricism that is always concerned with being expressive and beautiful. It is never pedantic or saccharine. He has the appropriate structural framework in place to support the emotional content. It’s just beautiful, well-constructed, expressive music that is sonically interesting. With so many people writing music that is sonically interesting but somehow lacking in expressive content, finding Kile’s music is an oasis.

He has some other tricks up his sleeve too. Check out the Vespers samples, and you will discover that he knows his music history as well.  Here is a nice little video about the Vespers. Go commission him so that he will keep writing more music for us all.