Here is the premiere of a new piece that was commissioned by my dear friend Tinsley Silcox for the St. Mark’s Episcopal School in Dallas, TX.  When the piece was written, I sent it of to Martin Neuman who is one of the singers in the fabulous young group VIP Vokalgruppe.  This recording is from VIP’s performance last Tuesday in Eisenstadt, Austria.  The text is from the “Song of the Soul” by San Juan de la Cruz (St. John of the Cross) and the translation is by Dr. Colleen Baade.  VIP is doing it in several European countries this year.  I’m hoping some American conductors decide to pick it up too.

La blanca palomica
    al arca con el ramo se ha tornado
    y ya la tortolica
    al socio deseado
    en las riberas verdes ha hallado.

En soledad vivía,
    y en soledad ha puesto ya su nido,
    y en soledad la guía
    a solas su querido,
    también en soledad de amor herido.

The little white dove has returned with the branch to the ark; and now the sweet turtledove has found her longed-for mate upon the green riverbank.

She lived in solitude, and in solitude she now has built her nest; and in solitude, her beloved guides her alone, likewise in solitude wounded by love.