It is an amazing experience to have a big premiere. It takes so many musicians, so many hours of practice, and a heaping helping of nerves. You have to worry about whether all the parts are correct and whether or not what you imagined in your head will sound anything like reality. If that all lines up pretty well, you have to worry about singers singing the right notes and instrumentalist not getting lost. Most of all, you have to worry about whether the players and the audience will like the music. When it all comes together like it did last night, it is an indescribable delight. Little children of my imagination that have been gestating for months finally emerge from the womb to look around at the world. It definitely felt like we were giving birth to something because the AC broke earlier in the morning. It was about 90ºF in the building. I am very grateful to my friend Josh Norris for conducting and doing the leg work on getting the commissioning money together. Thanks to the wonderful singers of the Lincoln Lutheran Choir. Thanks to all the wonderful musicians who played. A beautiful performance!