Jonah Sirota and I had our first public performance as Mondegreen on Sunday. We opened for the lovely people in the Portland Cello Project at a new club in town called Vega. It’s a nice space to play. I’m happy to report that the show was sold out, and we played for a fabulous SRO crowd.

Thanks to the indefatigable Holly Heffelbower and the good folks at Bedient Pipe Organ, we were able to bring a real, live pipe organ into a bar. So, viola and pipe organ in a bar that specializes in gourmet hot dogs and drinks. Pretty standard stuff.

This first tune I’m posting is one of Jonah’s inventions. It’s a piece we call “Hannon from Hell.” Jonah took a Hannon like 8 note etude pattern played on an octatonic scale. Then, he played it in 7/8 with 2+2+3 accent pattern. The result sets up a hypermeteric beat pattern that takes 8 bars to wrap around and come back to the original pattern. We also wind up using the inversion to create a Mephistophelian ground for improvisation. It’s a wild animal of a thing. Check out the video. Go like us on Facebook. Stay tuned for more posts. Let us know what you think.