I’m starting a new series of intermittent posts about some composers that I know. 

I have always found David’s music interesting largely because I find his writing so different than mine.  Though I don’t know this for sure, he seems to compose with relative ease.  Since I am in the “brooding composer” tradition, I am regularly envious and fascinated with people who can write with such confidence and surety.  Though every composer has his/her conventions, he seems to write without clichés.  There is a tendency for composers that write quickly to retread a lot of the same ground.  David seems to avoid that. Like so many of the composers of his generation, he is equally at home writing concert and popular music.  With composers that spend a lot of time in jazz culture, I think that sometimes the “cool” and the “interesting” are given precedence over emotional content.  I rarely find that in David’s writing.  I’m not suggesting that everything speaks to me equally, but his writing is always tuneful and engaging.  In any case, it is a musical mind, and you should spend some time on his website getting to know his music.  Just click on his name below.

David von Kampen