Apparently tired of meme-ing the cat, Jennifer has turned her sights on me and unleashed the fury of the internet on my image. We were in Kansas City last summer visiting a start-up incubator that had a green screen.

I’m not sure exactly what that pose is supposed to be, but it has proven to be much more versatile than I anticipated. It began as a simple picture of me destroying the earth.
Or, perhaps I was avoiding it. One friend has suggested that I was merely “raising the roof” while the earth collapsed. Avi had his fun next.
Something there is that doesn’t like a mime meme, and this looks all too suspiciously like a mime meme. You’ll have to look at the next one closely. I missed it the first time.
I’m apparently providing both moral and other kinds of support for this poor woman. That bit of fun was followed by the following offering. I’m not sure if I am supposed to be touching the dinosaur or running frantically. It reads both ways. I do like ferns.
Here I am holding up Beethoven on an organ keyboard. I think I am trying to throw him off WWE style. Note my right hand holding him by his deaf ear as my feet deftly play a G to start the 5th symphony.
This was followed by a confluence of memes. The “Panda is not amused” series has me holding up a light pole.
The light pole proved not interesting enough for one of Jennifer’s colleagues who put me on a stripper pole instead. If you look closely at my right hand, he has clearly added lady fingers to my arm.
It’s all a little bit like a fugue to me. The subject just keeps getting flipped around and inserted into different contexts that let you reinterpret it.