This is a preview of the first movement of a piece that David Matthews commissioned for the University of South Florida Chamber Singers. The official premiere of the whole piece is going to be at Florida ACDA in November. Dan Monek is also performing it at Marietta College. I was trying to write neo-Franco-Flemish music in this movement. The kind of thing Josquin might write if he was alive today.

We are using the first movement as part of our 9-11 10th anniversary service tomorrow night at 8pm at St. Mark’s on the Campus. The lovely singers in the video are the vocal ensemble Dulces Voces.

The text is taken from the 9th century Fleury play Ordo Rachelis which I believe was written by Notker the Stutterer. Here is a translation of the Latin.

Alas! We see the lacerated limbs of tender youths! Alas! sweet children murdered soley by madness! Alas! whom neither your devotion or age restrained! Alas! miserable mothers who are compelled to see this! Why do we not submit under these deeds? Alas! because of our memories, our sorrows cannot be lifted. Joy has no power for the sweet, promising youths are no more