One of the great pleasures in my life is getting to listen to the lovely volunteers that make up the choir at St. Mark’s on the Campus. Anyone that regularly works with a volunteer choir knows some of the frustrations that can occur. You have people of wildly different musical training and ability coming together to make art to enhance a congregation’s worship – or, as we say in the Anglican tradition, “to perfect the praises of God’s people.”

We have the added inconvenience at St. Mark’s of being on a University campus that controls all the parking. We can only rehearse for an hour each week. The members of the choir pay for parking to rehearse in the brief interval that occurs after afternoon classes end and before evening classes begin.

Still, there is something wonderful about people getting together to make music just because they love it. Somehow, even with a few intonation issues that occur, I seem to love this group more and more. I enjoy making music with them each week, oftentimes more than some of the professional concerts that occur week in and week out.

Here they are singing Heavenly Light by Kopolow arr. by Wilhousky. I got to record and just listen. There are enough talented conductors in the group to allow me to simply enjoy the music.