St. Paul's Episcopal KCMO

One of the great joys in my life that has happened because of Covid is the new video series that we’ve started at St. Paul’s Episcopal KCMO. The most recent addition to this diverse series includes my Sonata for Trombone.

Around ten years ago, I found myself playing for several trombone recitals with students in Scott Anderson’s studio at the Unviersity of Nebraska-Lincoln. I was also contemplating the power of the single movement form.

In particular, I was interested in exploring a single movement sonata that didn’t use a recapitualation as such, but instead sort of nodded backward with referential material.

When we started the series, I contacted Andrew Toews who agreed to perform it with me. We paired it with Sång till Lotta (Song for Lotta) by Jan Sandström. 

If you want to see the score while you follow along on my sonata, you can see it here.