What an incredible gift to be able to play great music with great musicians who are also fun to be around! The latest addition to the St. Paul’s Concert Series is a set of Three Spirituals for Piano Trio by my friend Kile Smith.

I like Kile’s music for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons I love it is that it is well crafted music that is so different from the way they my mind works. Often, when I first read through one of Kile’s pieces, I think it incredibly strange. After the second read through, I think, “Well, I don’t know what he’s doing voicing the chords like this.” After the thrid read through, I think, “You know this actually works.”

Here I’m playing with the miraculous and indefatigable Sascha Groschang on cello and Zolt Eder on violin.

We’ve got another concert on the series tonight so tune in to St. Paul’s YouTube channel at 7pm. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdz9K078zd-zcFBEUzWu18g