christian sufi

In February, I had the chance to do a concert with my friend, Forrest (Farhad) Pierce. The conceit of the event was that we would each write a piece for the concert that would be sung by the incomperable Sarah Anderson with me playing the organ. 

Forrest is a practicing Sufi, and I always say that you have to practice if you want to get good at something. I asked Forrest some questions about his religious practice. Then we did his piece. Then Forrest asked me some questions about my practice. Then we did my piece. After that, we took some questions from the audience.

For me, one of the most important things we did was disagree with each other in public. Being able to disagree in a respectful manor is something of a radical idea in our culture right now, and I think we need more of this kind of dialogue. I’m deeply grateful to Forrest for his humanity, friendship, and musicality. We are all grateful for Sarah Anderson!