Because it has become a topic of interest once again amongst all the young parents that I find in my life right now, I will recapitulate the two rules that my children where taught from their infancy. If you ask them, “What are the rules?”, they will reply…

Rule number one is: “I will support you in whatever you want to do as long as you don’t become a politician.”

I am more convinced than ever that this was a good rule for my children. You have to sell your soul to the devil to be a politician in today’s world. As it turns out, rule number two concerns a similar theme.

Rule number two is: “If you play the banjo and the accordion at the same time, it will conjure up the devil.”

So really, the rules have always been about protecting my children from the devil. He is lurking in both political and musical form, so we need to stay vigilant and train our children in a similar manner.