One of our British MusicSpoke composers, Matthew Cann, asked for a list of the a cappella sacred choral music we now have available on MusicSpoke.

It’s wonderful just to use the site to listen to some of this fabulous music. It’s even better to buy it and work with the composer.

So, in alphabetical order by composer, I’ve made a rough list. The catalogue is already getting large, so if I skipped one, let me know.

Flowers for the Altar – Eric Barnum
In Paradisum – Eric Barnum

In Manus Tuas – Matthew Cann
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis – Matthew Cann

Fishing in the Keep of Silence – Paul Carey

Alleluia – Saunder Choi

Benediction – John Conahan
Of Man and of Angels – John Conahan

God’s Grandeur – Garret Hope

The Holly and the Ivy – Jason Horner
Lo, How a Rose, There is a Flower – Jason Horner
Unison Prayer – Jason Horner

Ayin – Ryan Keebaugh
Our Father – Ryan Keebaugh
The Suffering Servant – Ryan Keebaugh

Ordo Rachelis – Kurt Knecht

Jubilate Deo – Connor Koppin
Vidi Aquam – Connor Koppin
O Vos Omnes – Connor Koppin

O Sacrum Convivium – Frank LaRocca
Miserere – Frank LaRocca
Anima Christe – Frank LaRocca
Ave Maria Stella – Frank LaRocca

Jesus is Mine – Andrew Marshall
Praise to the Lord – Andrew Marshall

Sicut Cervus – David Montoya

Land of Rest – Mona Lyn Reese

The Creation – Tinsley Silcox

And Good in Every Thing – Kile Smith
God So Loved the World – Kile Smith

Alleluia – Joseph Gentry Stephens
Requiem Aeternum – Joseph Gentry Stephens
Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One – Joseph Gentry Stephens
Sing Unto God – Joseph Gentry Stephens

Abun D’bash’maiyo – Mark Templeton

I See His Blood Upon the Rose – Timothy Tharaldson
Nearer, My God, to Thee – Timothy Tharaldson

Blessing – Dale Trumbore
Es Autem Fides Credere – Dale Trumbore
Kyrie Eleison – Dale Trumbore
Sing to the Lord – Dale Trumbore

Cradle Hymn – David von Kampen