Whilst continuing my trek through some of the more obscure corners of the musical world, I found myself romping about this Summer with the incomparable Jonah Sirota and a digital tabla box that he ordered from India.

Here is the amazing box. Inside of the box, there is a little guru that plays a tabla which is then amplified through a speaker. If you push the buttons, it bonks him on the head, and he changes the beat. Jonah mashed buttons until the guru started playing in 15/8. Then Jonah came up with a little structure, and we played.

I’m excited to finally start sharing some of these with the public. Everyone in this neck of the woods should plan to come hear our first live performance at Vega in the Railyard on Nov. 10th at 7:30. We are bringing a positive organ into a club. So, watch the clip, go like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MondegreenProject), and write to us and tell us what you think.